Beano Cook’s Thoughts on the New CFB Playoff

by Travis Normand

If you are anything like me, you appreciate the history of this beautiful game as much as the game itself.  It is for this reason that I consider people like Beano Cook one of my “college football idols.”

When Beano talks I usually take the time to stop and listen.  I don’t always agree with all of his opinions but his historical knowledge is amazing.  Further, Beano is pretty old-fashioned.  He doesn’t use email, and up until recently, he had no use for a computer.  However, a little over a year ago he started blogging and posting his opinions online (actually, if I had to guess, I would bet he simply types them up and someone else posts them for him).

His blog posts are not very frequent and they are not always about football.  However, this month his post was about the new playoff format that has been developed for college football.

I highly suggest giving it a read.  Enjoy!

Click HERE to see Beano Cook’s August 2012 post about the new college football playoff format!

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