Sara Lampe criticizes Gary Pinkel for no apparent reason

by Travis Normand

By now I am sure you have read about Sara Lampe, the Missouri politician that has attempted to use Gary Pinkel to further her political aspirations of winning her parties nomination for Lt. Governor (the primary is set for August 7).  While Lampe has said that her critical statements of Pinkel have nothing to do with the fact that she is running for public office, can anyone really believe her?  Only the most sycophantic of Lampe worshippers would.

Lampe is criticizing Pinkel for saying some positive things about a friend and man he knew professionally.  Does this mean her message is that despite any potential wrong-doings, not even a friend can be supportive of another?  Seems a little harsh.

Speaking of being harsh, part of Lampe’s statement reads:

“Coach Pinkel’s defense of the indefensible indicates that he holds the same attitude that allowed the reprehensible situation at Penn State to occur; the attitude that building a successful football program is more important than everything else, including protecting innocent children from rapists.”

Lampe has no problem trashing Pinkel in what has apparently become national news, but it should be pointed out that Lampe acknowledged she hasn’t even read the Freeh Report.  In fact, Lampe said that she has only “read a summary of the report” and that she also heard “news reports of that report.”
In other words, she read the Cliffs Notes version of the Freeh Report, and is now speaking out as if she has read all 267 pages.
Knowing this, go back and re-read the quote I posted from her statement.  If you live in Missouri, is this what you want in your Lt. Governor?  A person that blindly prosecutes others in the court of public opinion based on material that they haven’t take the time to read themselves?  No, I didn’t think so.
[Extra: Listen to her interview with Kevin Slaten of KFNS-AM (St. Louis)] 

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