Longhorn Fans Threaten Recruits Life

by Travis Normand

When Nebraska and Texas A&M left the Big 12 conference they blamed the Texas Longhorns.  Sports columnists questioned how bad could it be to share a conference with the Longhorns.  Could it really be as bad as Texas A&M claims?  After all, aren’t the Aggies a little biased?

Of course Texas A&M wasn’t the only team pointing the finger.  What about Nebraska? Well, go find the nearest Cornhusker fan and ask him what he thinks about the Longhorns.

I’m sure the Aggies and Cornhuskers are both mistaken and that all their angst is misplaced. Right?  Maybe not.  Look at what ESPN.com is reporting about the nationally ranked WR recruit, Ricky Seals-Jones.

[Ricky] Seals-Jones, all of 17 years old, was forced to deal with things most kids don’t have to when he decommitted from Texas just over a month ago.

“When I decommitted, it was crazy,” said Seals-Jones, who committed to the Longhorns in February. “I got death threats on Twitter. A couple cars in my neighborhood we didn’t know would drive by house real slow. I live in the country, so the cars that do drive by, you know who’s in them.


Death threats?  Really?  If this is representative of how Texas fans act, I would have left the Big 12 too (and I probably wouldn’t have been too picky about the conference I was jumping too).

Think I am over-reacting?  Look what another blogger had to say about it.

Threatening an athlete of any age for not selecting your team is an absolutely disgusting display of unsportsmanlike conduct. While some may say they were “joking,” there is nothing funny about threatening someone, especially a young person over decommitting from a program.


Oh well, Seals-Jones is apparently still considering the Longhorns as one of his potential schools.  Maybe that means the jury is still out on the Longhorns.

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