Random Research: Cumberland Football

by Travis Normand

Everyone has heard of 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game that ended with Georgia Tech shutting out Cumberland, 222-0.  However, what you may not know about is Cumberland’s football troubles that came immediately before and after that famous defeat.

Cumberland’s game with Georgia Tech was their last game of the 1916 season. However, before Cumberland traveled to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech, they were defeated in a game by Sewanee.  That game ended with a final score of 107-0.  In other words, Cumberland closed out the 1916 season with back-to-back losses and a combined score of 329-0.

Unfortunately, the 1917 season didn’t go so well either.  Cumberland only played one game in 1917 and it was against “Tennessee.”  Cumberland was defeated by a score of 105-0.

Mystery Opponent of 1917:  You will notice above that I wrote “Tennessee” (in quotes) when referring to Cumberland’s 1917 defeat.  This is because Cumberland’s 2011 football media guide lists their 1917 opponent as “Tennessee.”  I had assumed that this was the University of Tennessee but the 2014 Tennessee football media guide (page 156) says that Tennessee didn’t field a team in 1917 or 1918 because of World War I.  However, Tennessee did have two unofficial teams during the 1917 and 1918 seasons (see page 162 of the 2014 Tennessee football media guide), but according to the media guide, neither of those teams played Cumberland in 1917.  Therefore, at this point in time, I don’t know who the “Tennessee” team was that defeated Cumberland in 1917.

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FSU gets it right (uniforms that is, not logo)

by Travis Normand

Read:  FSU puts rush order on fixing uniforms, helmets.  by Ben Jones and Ira Schoffel of Warchant.com.  Sept. 8, 2014.

Apparently, Seminole fans were not happy with the new uniforms that FSU wore on August 30 during their season opener against Oklahoma State.  While negative fan reaction to a change in “tradition” is nothing new, what is refreshing is that the administration at FSU is apparently working to get things fixed.

Less than one week after Florida State’s new football uniforms debuted with a thud in the Seminoles’ season opener at Dallas, the university’s athletics department announced on Friday that it was taking the redesign back to the drawing board.

“Saturday night at AT&T Stadium was the first opportunity we had to see the color of our helmets and facemasks under stadium and broadcast television lights,” FSU stated in a press release. “The shades of both the Garnet facemasks and the Gold of our football helmets did not accurately represent those of our tradition-rich past.”

Read more HERE [Warchant.com]

The sad thing about this story is that this is actual news.  In my experience, when a change in tradition gets rejected by a fan base, the school making the change spends more time trying to convince the fan base that they need to accept the change as inevitable (as opposed to correcting it).  So, the fact that FSU is willing to start over with their uniform design, in order to get it right, is very refreshing.

On the other hand, before I give FSU too much credit, I should point out that they have yet to correct their new logo amidst plenty of negative fan reaction.  While they seem to be handling the uniform correctly, they are apparently sticking with the new logo despite the fan base’s lack of approval.

Read more about the logo controversy:

[Press Release] Texas A&M is FWAA National Team of the Week

[Parts of this release have been deleted and/or edited.  To see entire release, click HERE!]

DALLAS (FWAA) – The Texas A&M Aggies rolled to a 52-28 win at then-No. 9 South Carolina to earn the season’s first Football Writers Association of America National Team of the Week honor. The announcement came exclusively on SiriusXM Radio’s “College Sports Today,” hosted by Mark Packer and Eddie George.

Sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill had a record-setting debut at the helm of the Texas A&M offense. In his first career start, Hill broke Johnny Manziel’s school record with 511 passing yards to go with three touchdown passes.

Texas A&M (1-0) snapped South Carolina’s 18-game home winning streak, which was the nation’s longest, and won its first conference opener since 2007 and first as an SEC member. Hill torched South Carolina early as A&M bolted to a 31-14 lead at the half. Hill finished with the most passing yards allowed in Steve Spurrier’s 10 seasons as the head coach of Gamecocks. Tra Carson ran for three touchdowns, and Malcome Kennedy had 14 catches for 137 yards as the Aggies racked up 680 total yards.

“That (A&M) team was so much better than us, it wasn’t funny,” Spurrier said after the game.

Need-to-Know Rules Changes for 2014 Season

Press Release: National Football Foundation – see release HERE at FootballFoundation.org

CFO and NFF team up to highlight the changes designed to protect players and increase safety.

IRVING, Texas (Aug. 6, 2014) – Since 2011, The National Football Foundation (NFF) has partnered with Rogers Redding, the national coordinator of College Football Officiating (CFO), to help generate awareness for the rule changes in college football through a series of regular columns distributed by the NFF. With training camps in full swing, the month of August provides the perfect time for the NFF to highlight the key rule changes and officiating points of emphasis that will be in effect during the 2014 season.

The Four Major Rule Changes for the 2014 Season

1.  Targeting Fouls: Instant Replay Can Remove the 15-Yard Penalty

Part of the penalty for targeting fouls is that the player is ejected from the game. In games where instant replay is used, the player is returned to the game if the video review shows conclusively that there was no forcible contact to the head and neck area or with the crown of the helmet. If this happens in 2014, and there is not another personal foul in combination with the targeting foul, then the 15-yard penalty is also erased. Examples of combination personal fouls include roughing the passer and kick or catch interference. In cases where such fouls are accompanied by a targeting call, the 15-yard penalty will still be enforced, even if the player’s ejection is overturned.

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FOX fails and I am happy

by Travis Normand

I don’t think I have written about my disdain for FOX’s college football coverage on this blog, but I used to write about it a lot on my old one.  Just like FOX’s college football coverage, my old blog was horrible but I also didn’t take it seriously.

I remember writing about how happy I was to hear that the BCS broadcasts would be moved from FOX to ABC/ESPN (in 2008?).  I also remember writing about how much I loved watching the Cotton Bowl each year, but hated the fact that I had to listen to FOX’s NFL commentators call the game.

Anyway, it comes as no surprise to me to hear that FOX’s college football morning show, FOX College Saturday, has been canceled before its second season has even begun.

I am not a TV executive, but maybe I should be.  After all, when FOX announced the show a year ago, all I could think was, “great, another awful idea in terms of college football programming by FOX.

It is final confirmation of what could be described as nothing but a disastrous tenure for Fox College Saturday, a program that couldn’t even make it to a second year.

- From AwfulAnnouncing.com



College Football Playoff Unveils National Championship Trophy

College Football Playoff Trophy

by Travis Normand

Yes, I am analyzing the new national championship trophy.  However, if you have been reading my site and if you know me at all, you know that I have a particular fascination with all things college football trophy related.

  • See the press release Here
  • See the College Football Playoff Trophy info sheet Here
  • See the College Football Playoff’s website Here

So the College Football Playoff unveiled its national championship trophy on July 14, 2014. While I like the new trophy (and I think it will continue to grow on me), it is no where near the trophy that was given out during the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) era (see the AFCA National Championship Trophy).  There is something so simplistic and fantastic about the crystal football that was awarded to the BCS champion, which was not captured in this new trophy.

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