2012 Notre Dame Football Media Guide

by Travis Normand
2012 Notre Dame Media GuideThanks to the guys and girls in the sports information department at Notre Dame for sending me their 2012 football media guide.  Not many schools still send out media guides any more, but I always say “thanks” to the few that do.  Media guides are an extremely helpful resource and they make covering a team a thousand times easier.

Further, Notre Dame has made their guide a little smaller in size (instead of the traditional larger magazine size).  Personally, I prefer the smaller size and find that it is easier (and thus more likely) to take with me when I travel.

Thanks again!

2012 Notre Dame “Shamrock Series” TECHFIT Uniform by Adidas (is awful!)

by Travis Normand

Its official, Notre Dame has the worst new uniforms of the 2012 season.  I mean, these uniforms are uglier than what the Maryland Terrapin coughed up in 2011.

I won’t even try to hide the fact that I am a traditionalist and that I really like Notre Dame’s regular uniform.  However, even if I wasn’t, these new Notre Dame uniforms make the Oregon Ducks look like the school with the conservative uniform option.

Thank God this “look” is only for one game (the October match-up versus Miami).

Notre Dame’s Game Ball for Dublin

by Travis Normand

As you are probably aware by now, Notre Dame will play it’s first game of the 2012 season on September 1 against Navy in Dublin Ireland.  Earlier today (August 6, 2012) a member of the Notre Dame football equipment staff tweeted this message and photo:


“Here is our game ball for Ireland … just arrived!

Click HERE for larger sized photo.